Retirement Solutions

After retirement, our regular income flow slows down and managing expenses can become a problem. Also, the life expectancy has increased, so living too long without any regular income to match the inflation can be haunting. A good retirement plan ensures that your income flow continues even after your retirement and your future is secure. Ask us about the plans which are best suited to you to secure your retired life. Following are the key type of Life insurance plans which address the need.

Pension Plans

Pension plans are most common retirement products used by many individuals. The National Pension Scheme launched by the government also requires to invest the corpus in pension plan after superannuation. Deferred pension is where you invest for certain period and pension starts after a particular point in future. Immediate pension is where a lumpsum amount is invested and pension commences immediately.

Guaranteed Return Plans

This is new age product which has suddenly become popular amongst the retirees. These plans are quite similar to Deferred pension but offer better returns and tax benefits in comparision.

Expect the unexpected. Insure and be secure.