Personal Accident Insurance

What happens if a person meets with an accident and becomes physically impaired? Here is a specialised policy designed to take care of this risk and secure financial protection to the accident-prone persons and their dependents.

Personal Accident Insurance protects you and your family should you become totally and partially disabled due to an accident.

Personal Accident insurance is different to Term Life Insurance in the sense that Term Life insurance only pays if the insured person dies whereas Personal Accident insurance pays in case of disability (in addition to death) following an accident.

You can also avail Personal Accident insurance as an additional cover with Term Life insurance.

The Covers for Personal Accident insurance include:

a) Accidental Death.

b) Permanent Total Disability .

c) Permanent Partial Disability.

d) Temporary Total Disability

e) Medical expenses associated with accident.

Who needs to buy?

1. Earning individuals with / without any dependents.

2. Frequent Travelers.

3. Individuals / workers working on heights.

Expect the unexpected. Insure and be secure.