Health Insurance

Historically known to everyone as Mediclaim, this is one crucial policy which every family needs to secure against unforeseen hospitalisation costs. Health insurance is a new age and comprehensive product which not only covers you for hospitalisation but offers more benefits now like Global coverage, Advanced Treatments, Day care procedures coverage, Out Patient Department (OPD) coverage, Health Check-ups etc.

You can insure each individual separately or also insure a family together under Floater plans. (Floater plans allow sharing of Sum Insured within family!) .

In India, there are countless number of Insurance companies offering thousands of products under Health insurance. It is difficult for any lay person to understand and pick the right product which will protect the family and self. Our expertise in the subject would help you to find that right product from multiple options, at economical price.

New age Health insurance now also offers:

a) Higher NO claim bonuses (as extra Sum Insured).

b) Inflation adjusted increase in Sum Insured.

C) Coverage for non-medical expenditure.

Who needs to buy?

Every Individual or family.

Expect the unexpected. Insure and be secure.