Motor Insurance

In India, it is legally compulsory to buy a third-party liability policy coverage for each and every vehicle plying on public road. While it is necessary to insure against the liability arising out of injury or damage caused to others, it is also wise to have insurance for damage to own car. Anyone who has ever had a car accident will know importance of Own damage insurance cover. The combination of OWN damage and Third-Party Liability insurance is called Comprehensive motor insurance policy.

We highly recommend Car owners to buy a Comprehensive policy to secure the Car’s value in case of any eventualities. Because there are so many types of vehicles available today, the need for basic protection is important. We encourage you to seek our advice before making any buying decision on Motor Vehicle insurance.

We cater to all types of vehicles – Private Car (Electric / Non-electric), Two Wheelers (Electric / Non-electric), Good Carrying Vehicles, Passenger vehicles and Miscellaneous vehicles like Crane.

Motor Insurance Covers broadly include:

a) Own Damage – accident cover

b) Additional covers like Nil Parts Depreciation, Gap Value, Tyre Protect, etc.

c) Third Party bodily injury.

d) Third Party property damage.

e) Driver cover.

Who needs to buy?

People who own a motor vehicle.

Expect the unexpected. Insure and be secure.