Term Life Insurance

This is the most important insurance which every working individual should carry during the earning life. This policy helps to financially secure your dependents in an unfortunate event of your death or terminal illness. There are numerous benefits associated with Term Life insurance.

Cheaper premium: Premium tends to be cheaper as compared to other Life Insurance products, say Endowment Life insurance.
Tax free Claim: Individual beneficiaries do not have to pay any tax on the claim proceeds.
Debt clearance: Often lenders prefer their borrowers to have Term Insurance to secure their debt.
Stability: helps to bring about stability within the family after the grief.

Married Women’s Property (MWP) Act protection: If availed by insuring member, the claim money will be secured under a trust and paid to Spouse and Children only. The policy or claim cannot be attached by the Courts for repayment of any debt.

Who needs to buy?

1. Earning individual with dependent family members.

2. Individuals with debt .

3. Key person(s) within a small and medium size businesses.

Expect the unexpected. Insure and be secure.